At Westend Windows and Doors, we help Ottawa homeowners with the selection, design and building of custom windows and doors for new homes and/or replacement of old and damaged windows and doors. We offer a suite of services

Our business is locally owned and operated. Our experienced team can meet you in person to discuss your individual door and window needs. Our prices are always competitive. You don’t have to worry about surprise fees, we offer free estimates right up front so you know exactly what expenses to anticipate. On-site evaluations for new construction and renovations can be arranged as well. Moreover, our products are energy efficient and come with a lifetime warranty. Our services are also under a 20 year warranty. You can rest assured that our team will provide you with the best work possible. We offer our services all year round.

Westend Windows and Doors boast of a wide experience in the construction industry and we are a leading professional in the Windows and Doors industry. We serve the Ottawa-Carleton region. Our team comprise of blue-collar, hard-working handymen. We are known as the Ottawa Windows and Doors Specialists.

Ottawa window and door replacement team worker

We supply only the best in Canadian Manufactured Windows and Doors, tested by Natural Resource Canada and adhering to the Energy Star Guidelines. We strive to provide you with the most cost-effective, energy saving products and quality workmanship on every installation. Save money on your heating bill with our insulated doors. Keep your home cool or warm no matter the season with our PVC windows. These high end products give that much needed curb appeal and charm to any home.

Our team comprises of hardworking handymen who boast a wide experience in the construction industry. We have liability insurance and our installer are insured under the Worker Safety Insurance Board. We treat each client’s home as our own home during installation. Read more about our doors and windows installation service.

We guarantee any window or door replacement work we do on your house with a 20 year warranty on the work itself, and a lifetime warranty on products.

You do not have to worry about damage to your house with us. In the unlikely event of anything going wrong, we are fully insured, and will not hold you liable.

We love our work, and pride ourselves in making sure that each Ottawa home-owner is fully satisfied with any window or door work we have done. For this reason, we always provide ongoing service after sale/installation to make sure you are fully satisfied.



Looking for more information? Would you like to know more about available window and door options? Contact us to learn more about our products, energy efficient options, and about the pride, ingenuity and dedication that goes into every window and door that you order from us.