old windows and doors
By Westend Windows, In General

Winter is coming soon, and we know how our the winters are in our city, Ottawa. For our homes, the winter brings with it the need to ensure that our homes are kept warm, well insulated and energy efficient. There are a number of reason to replace your windows and doors, to ensure you stay warm and keep your home energy efficient this winter:


  1. Condensation on windows: Examining your windows and the inside your home for moisture and mold or rot around the home may be a clear sign that your windows are no longer air-tight. Sometimes this problem can be solved by DIY corking, but in the rare case that you have a much more pronounced problem, then it is time to consider window replacement.
  2. Drafty Windows and Doors: If your windows and doors keep letting the cold outside air, it is generally an indication of a problem. Inspect your windows and doors and find out where the leak may be coming from. In some cases, you may do a temporary fix, but this is also a good time to look into replacement options.
  3. Windows that are difficult to clean: Window technology has improved over the years, resulting in easier ways to make sure your windows still cleaning, even during the cold winters. We carry double hung windows with tilt-in features that make it easy to clean your windows from the inside. Consider these options.
  4. Windows or doors not closing or locking properly: You want your home air-tight during the winter, and any of these issues are a concern, and if fixing them is not an option, then you generally should consider replacement options.

If you need to replace your windows and/or doors, make sure to request a quote.