Garden Doors and Sliding Patio Doors
By Westend Windows, In General

When it comes to updating the look and appearance of your home, one door homeowners consider upgrading and replacing doors in ottawa used to access their garden, patio, or deck. Two of the most popular choices of doors used in this area of the home are garden (French-style) doors and Ottawa sliding patio doors. Deciding which door installation Ottawa option is best for your home depends on several different factors. Among the most important is your own personal tastes and preferences. Even still, you can find door solutions in both garden and sliding styles, so it can still be confusing to make a decision. To help you out, we offer the following details that highlight the pros and cons of both door styles.


This style of door typically has two sections – one on the left and one on the right – which look like traditional doors used on your home. You can lock on side of the door in place, while the other side is the main one you use to enter and exit, with the option to unlock the other side and fully open both doors.


  • Provide a classic, refined appearance to your home.
  • Offer a multi-locking system for improved security.
  • No sliding tracks to install or maintain.
  • Easier to move large furniture in and out of the home by opening both doors.


  • Require space to swing inward or outward which you may not have.
  • On newly built homes, can be slightly more difficult to adjust as the home settles.
  • Requires a separate screen door to be installed.

Sliding Doors Ottawa


Sliding doors consist of two sections, like garden doors. One part of the door is locked in place and the other slides back and forth along a horizontal track system.


  • Most styles come standard with a sliding screen door that fits into the existing track system, so you can leave the door open and get fresh air in the home.
  • Ideal for smaller homes and or in locations where you lack space for doors to fully swing inwards or outwards since the door slides horizontally along a track.
  • Easier to adjust on newly built homes as the home settles.
  • Provides a modern-contemporary look to your home.


  • Cannot always open both sides of the door, depending on the design, which means you can only have one side of the door open, or if both sides do slide open, you will have a much smaller space on each end with the doors overlapped in the middle.
  • The sliding track system needs to be cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis to keep the door operating correctly.

If you are still not sure which door would be best for your home, we recommend scheduling a free, in-home consultation with one of our replacement door experts to discuss your needs and explore your options. Please feel free to call Westend Doors & Window at 613-491-5121 today!