Energy Efficient Windows And Doors
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Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Doors and windows provide light, ventilation, and an exit to the outside world. However, they can both negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency. If you experience high-energy bills and are not sure why it’s happening, then you might want to look at your Ottawa windows and doors more closely. You have two choices, either fully replace your windows and doors with energy efficient ones or improve the efficiency of your current windows. If you’re looking for a way to cut costs and save energy read below.



Identify your energy usage and the costs associated with each in order to know which areas you can cut costs in. The first place you want to start is with your front door. Because your Ottawa front doors is the first area of defense against the elements, you want to make sure it is working properly. If it doesn’t shut properly then get it fixed. The breeze that comes through a cracked door can seriously raise your energy bills. Also check the weather-stripping for wear and tear and for any gaps in your door just to be extra efficient.



If you’re looking to install a totally new door check out our line of Ottawa doors (and windows). We have a wide variety of doors like Ottawa sliding doors , Ottawa entry doors etc for new homes and renovations that can help improve or ensure that your energy costs aren’t through the roof. From beautiful fibreglass to wood, or metal doors, they will increase your security and privacy while cutting costs and saving energy.



Caulking, adding weather-stripping or storm windows, and using treatments or coverings can really reduce the amount of air that comes through your windows. If you notice any cracks in your windows then caulking can help bridge them and any gaps or joints. Weather-stripping is great for the areas around your window in order to prevent elements from seeping through. Whether it’s cold or hot outside, coverings and window treatments can either keep heat in or keep heat out. However, air leakage can’t be prevented by just using window treatments so be sure to use weather-stripping and caulking as well.



If your home is old and has inefficient windows or even if you’re building a new home from the ground up, our energy saving windows are a great way to replace your existing windows or to use for your new home. They have energy saving capabilities like Vinyl window  and are energy star certified. They also have an airtight design that keeps cold air out and cool air in at appropriate times of the year. Which means goodbye high heating bills in the winter and cooling costs in the summer and hello to energy efficiency and savings. The best part? They pay for themselves in the amount of money you save. Improving your window quality can also improve the design, look, and feel of your home. Talk about a win/win. So whether you need windows or doors, Westend Windows and Doors can help you cut costs while improving your home’s appearance.

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