By Westend Windows, In General

There is a wide assortment of different types of replacement windows for your Ottawa home. It is worth your time to consider which styles will not only provide the perfect aesthetics to the home’s appearance but also which ones will suit your needs and requirements.


1. Single Hung Windows
Ottawa Single hung windows is one of the most popular. It is where the lower section of the window slide open while the top section remains in place.

2. Single Lift-Out Slider Windows
Ottawa Single lift-out slider windows operate much like single hung windows, with one big difference – The interior sash (lower portion) of the window lifts out for easy cleaning on both sides of the window.

Single Lift-Out Slider Windows

Single Lift-Out Slider Windows

3. Double Lift-Out Slider Windows
Ottawa Double lift-out slider windows is similar to the single lift-out slider windows, with an added bonus – The exterior sash (upper portion) also lifts out for easy cleaning.

4. Single Tilt Slider Windows
Ottawa Single tilt slider windows of replacement window is similar to classic sliding windows and offers easy tilting of the interior sash for easy cleaning and also includes a half screen on the lower section, which can also be removed from inside the home.

5. Double Tilt Slider Windows
Both the upper and lower sections of the windows will slide and there are screens on both sashes you can easily remove from inside the home.

6. Double Hung Windows
Ottawa Double hung windows is similar to single hung windows, yet is double in size since there are two windows, along with movable lower sections on both.

7. Bay Windows
For larger openings, or in cases where you may have two or three single or double type windows all located closely together, Ottawa bay windows offer an ideal replacement option when you want a larger viewing area.

8. Awning Windows
This style features side hinges so you can easily open them to vent horizontally by using a smooth turning handle. Plus, you can open these types of windows on rainy days, as they open outward and will keep the rain out.

9. Casement Windows
Ottawa casement windows are well suited for areas where you do not have large openings, like along the foundation for basement windows or when you want a window in the bathroom.

Please keep in mind not all of the above styles may be compatible with your home. For instance, if you have traditional single hung windows, with a vertical installation, a horizontal single lift-out slider window would not work in the existing space, without some alterations. However, you could opt for a vertically installed single lift-out slider window if that is the style you like the best.

Each of the above replacement windows is offered in a variety of standard and custom colours so they can be easily matched with any home. There are also decorative brick molds options you can add to the exterior of the window to enhance its appearance. In addition, you can choose from several styles of glass finishes and energy efficiency glass. To learn more about what types of replacement windows are available for your home, as well as the variety of colours and other options, contact Westend Windows & Doors by phoning 613-491-5121 today!