Spring Savings!

If the last couple of months have made you realize that your windows can’t make it through another winter, now is the time to schedule your FREE Windows Estimate.

West End Windows & Doors will come and do a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION Estimate for your home.

Since our weather is getting more and more unpredictable, this Spring, we will offer you a free upgrade on all of your windows to a Double Low E standard. What does the Double Low E standard offer compared to the single Low E?

The Single Low E window models are designed to keep the warm air inside during the winter and the cool air inside during the summer. The interior panes have a treatment to help with that. The Double Low E windows have the treatment on both the interior and exterior of the panes. What this means is that in the winter, the warm air stays in thanks to the interior of the pane and the cold air stays out due to the exterior treatment on the pane. In the summer, the cool air stays in while the sun’s warmth and rays are reflected and kept out thanks to the exterior treatment.

This Spring – Take Advantage of West End Windows’ Double Savings Program on all of our windows installations.

Above and beyond our spring savings, there are many other flexible payment plans available to meet your needs. We will be happy to go through the options with you to find the right fit

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